Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How is this helping?

Sometimes, men try to criticize men who are (willing to act) degrees more misogynistic than them. We will do things like this:

Or we'll do things like Francois Tremblay does [warning: slurs]:
As you may remember, I published two debunkings of commonly circulated list of “proofs” by MRAs. This pissed them off, because they are whiny little bitches who cannot deal with any level of disagreement without believing that it’s all part of some great conspiracy against them. [...]
To all MRAs: try being real men for once and admit you’re a clutch of hysterical virgins who lie, cheat and threaten because you don’t have the testicular fortitude to face what woman-hating faggots you all are. Don’t like it, stop being one!
We'll think we're doing good. We sure showed those dudebros! We'll even imply that what we're doing is under the umbrella of "Radical feminism". (Francois Tremblay isn't a radical feminist and can not "do" radical feminism despite the amount of time he spends talking to feminists on the internets)

But how is this helping? What does it solve, to pin other men's worth to the extent to which they are performing heterosexuality correctly and sufficiently well? To put these slurs and violent masculine posturings in front of women's faces and into their spaces with the air of providing value?

Buying into the violent rhetoric of compulsory male heterosexuality is not distancing yourself from the systems that give that rhetoric its power. You can't do both. But as more men start to see radical feminism, and feminism in general, as something that makes sense, I can only imagine that talking about MRAs as "idiot f*ggot virgins" and rapists as "not being able to find a clitoris" will become more and more fashionable. And then we'll claim we're better people for it.


I dedicate this work (“How is this helping?”) to the public domain using the Creative Commons 0 declaration.


  1. I never claimed to be a radical feminist. In fact I've written an entry explaining to men why they can't call themselves feminists. I stand by my statement that MRAs are woman-hating faggots.

    Where do I claim it makes me a better person? I think understanding feminism makes me a better person, but I never claimed insulting people made me a better person.

  2. Okay, you're an intellectual coward who has no intention of confronting my intentions. Fine. Forget it, you and your ally friends are useless.

  3. "I never claimed to be a radical feminist." - http://i.imgur.com/P2s3DYP.png

  4. Yes, I support TERFs, I simply misspoke in saying I WAS a TERF. Since I have stated quite clearly (in blog entries, in comments) that a man cannot be feminist, I did not consciously believe I was a radical feminist. But thanks for throwing words back in my face, fake friend

    If you believe insulting someone is worse than fighting against women's rights, then YOU need to rethink your priorities, "ally."


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