Sunday, August 10, 2014

Debunking liberal male gender politics

I usually prefer to take a bird's eye view of things, by which I mean, trying to describe the central ideology of male "feminists" and "liberal"/"progressive" men, from which all the little lies and myths arise. But the ranks of these men are quickly filling, so I feel the need to keep a list of common claims and statements that shouldn't have to be responded to over and over. In a more honest and intellectual reality, there would be infinite variation in what people would say when they oppose something; you would never hear the same "argument" twice. This would be, to put it one way, discourse with 100% productivity. On the other hand male liberal gender politics is usually entirely unproductive, employing strawmen and association fallacy, as such tricks are usually brought out when it is necessary to defend one's power.

1. "Prostitution and human dignity are not incompatible"
This says nothing about the reality of the prostitution industry today. George Washington and Barack Obama are "not incompatible" as friends, in an imaginary world; but we live in the real world.
2. "If a woman can give something [i.e. "sex"] away for free, she should be able to charge for it as well" in response to people criticizing prostitution and the men who use it
Whether the other person/people actually support penalizing women for being in the industry is assumed. Being opposed to an industry does not imply wanting to legally punish the people who work in it.
3. "Don't judge sex workers" in response to people criticizing prostitution and the men who use it
Whether the other person/people actually condemn the women in the industry is assumed. Being opposed to an industry does not imply wanting to morally condemn the people who work in it.
4. "Porn is one of the few industries that women outearn men in, there are other industries"
This one made my head spin. The implication is that women earning more money than men on average in an industry is more important than whatever other gendered issues there might for that industry. There is more to sex-based oppression than pay inequality.
5. "Part of validating a woman's right to make her own decisions and a woman's right to express her own sexuality is that it means women should be free to choose to do porn if they so desire"
This construction ignores the feminists who assert that free choice does not exist, particularly in the case of "sex work".
6. "You know who else says that porn is icky and the people who do it are bad people? The patriarchy."
You know who else liked dogs? Hitler. Association fallacies are anti-intellectual and lazy, in addition to being, you know, fallacies.

(Quotes mean actual things men have said.)


I dedicate this work (“Debunking liberal male gender politics”) to the public domain using the Creative Commons 0 declaration.

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